Why be a priest?

The purpose of a priest is to bring people to Jesus, and Jesus to people. He does this primarily by preaching the Word and offering the Sacrifice of the Mass.

What do priests do?

His daily life involves administering the sacraments—Baptism, Confirmation, the Eucharist, Penance and Reconciliation, the Anointing of the Sick, and Matrimony.

Am I called?

If you have ever thought about being a priest, these qualities may be clues to a future priestly vocation.

What's the next step?

We invite you to consider the priesthood or religious life. If you're ready to learn more, contact our Vocations Office.

In Depth

Vocation means a call. It is God’s invitation, His call to each person to love and serve Him and His Church in a particular state or way of life. Each person's vocation flows from the grace of Baptism. When talking about discovering your vocation, discernment means the process of that discovery through prayer, reflection and discussion as to how God calls each person to love Him, whether as a priest, a consecrated religious man or woman, a married person or a consecrated single person. Contact our Vocations Office to learn more about discerning God's call in your life.